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Extra Curricular Clubs and Activities



Listed below are some of the Clubs or Activities in which students
who maintain their eligibility may participate.



Class Officers





Freshmen Class: Mr. Evan Masterson
Sophomore Class: Mrs. Jessica Auyer
Junior Class:  Mrs. Jennifer Cocco, Mr. Chris Hogan, & Mr. Ken Isgar
Senior Class: Mr. Bradley Stewart






Class Officers must maintain their eligibility throughout the preceding year (in order to be eligible to run for office) and throughout the current year (in order to retain their elected position). All members of the appropriate class are invited to be involved in class activities that generally focus around fund raising activities to support Homecoming Activities and to build the class treasury towards senior activities such as the Senior Prom and the Senior Recognition Day Trip.

 Drama Club


Ms. Mary Ann House amd Mrs. Stacey Clark



The Drama Club produces all major productions per year.   Students are needed for every aspect of theatrical production: acting, set construction, costumes, props, make-up, publicity, etc.



All eligible Jr/Sr High School students. 











Mrs. Roxanne Thormann






The Oswego County Envirothon is a program designed to cultivate a desire to learn more about our environment through competitive events. The culminating event for the county is held each May and is hosted by the Oswego County Soil and Water District with the support of many area businesses. The Soil and Water District provides other opportunities throughout the school year that also help to promote environmental awareness and prepare for the county competition. There are scholarships and prizes available to each of the top team members in several categories. The Envirothon also functions on the state and and national level. 
Membership:           Open to all students grades 9-12.








 Marching Band 

Director: Mrs. Fiacco (Band Room)   and Mrs. Michelle Catania
Purpose:  To perform in Parades during the summer and compete in pageants.
Membership:  See Mrs. Fiacco (Band Room) 




 National Honor Society


  Mrs. Becky Wagoner




The NHS promotes recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of academics, character, leadership and service. The NHS meets on the average of once every 2 weeks and more often when necessary. Every NHS member is also required to have a service project. The NHS participates  in many  service related activities that benefit the school district and the community.










Selection to the APW chapter of the National Honor Society is based on four criteria: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. Scholarship is based on a cumulative high school average of 90.0 or better. Only those students who meet the minimum scholarship requirement may be considered. Those eligible students are asked to fill out an activity sheet provided by the NHS advisor. Faculty members rate eligible students as to Service, Leadership, and Character. A Faculty Council, composed of five teachers appointed annually by the principal, review faculty ratings, activity sheets, the student’s past report cards, comments from teacher, etc. The Faculty Council then elects candidates to the Society. Rating sheets, discussions of individual students, and actual voting results are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. This information does not become a part of any student’s school record. The NHS advisor assembles the information, as the chairperson of the Council, and reports the results of all Faculty Council decisions to the principal. Prospective members must complete an information packet which includes personal recommendations. Students must also have and maintain a minimum cumulative average of 90.0. Selection by a Faculty Committee to the NHS may be made in a student’s junior or senior year.



   Ski Club


 Mr. Matt Hill; Ms. Andea Swan; Mrs. Willa Sargent
Purpose: To promote the sports of skiing and snowboarding; to give students a sport to learn and participate in for a lifetime.
Membership:              Open to all Jr/Sr High School Students


Student Government


Mrs. Dunham 

To serve as a forum for student activities and discussion. The Student Government may meet twice per month, or more frequently, as necessary. Students’ comments for school improvement should be brought to the Student Government. The Student Government participates in many activities that include the school community.   

Students wishing to be a member of the Student Government must present a petition with 20 student signatures demonstrating support of the students. These students must also secure at least one recommendation from a teacher. Club and Class Vice-Presidents are also members of Student Government and are expected to attend every meeting as a responsibility of their position. This will help improve communication among all school clubs.



Yearbook (APWAN)


Mrs. Coppola/HS Guidance Assistant Advisor: Mrs. Dunham


To create a yearbook that illustrates the events of the school year. Students will be involved in photography, set-up, layout and design of the yearbook. Students will also be involved in some fund-raising activities including advertising sales. 
Students must be willing to commit at least 4 after school hours per week between September and February. Other meetings, as needed, may be held on a bi-weekly basis.




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