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Junior Senior High School Principal

Greetings APW,
I am proud to be the Principal at APW Jr/Sr High School. As a first year principal at APW, my priority has been to meet and learn about the students, staff, and families of the APW community. By visiting classrooms, attending various extra-curricular and athletic events, participating in district-level committees and meetings, I have a sound understanding of individual and district level goals. I am confident that we can take the APW schools to the next level, and provide our students with opportunities to thrive in a customized career plan upon graduation.
Having a background in athletics has contributed to my philosophy of coming together as a team to achieve success. I believe that every individual has a significant role in providing the best services possible for our students. I look forward to continuing to work with a passionate and hard-working staff, a supportive school community, and a group of  talented students that have unlimited potential to realize their dreams.
Joseph T. Olsen

Joseph Olsen
Jr/Sr High School Principal
p: (315) 625-5222

Mr. Eric Knuth, Superintendent

639 County Route 22
P.O. Box 97
Parish, NY 13131