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      This year, Art at APW Elementary will look a little different than in the past. I am excited to introduce you to a new format that we will be using in our art room. Teaching for Artistic Behavior, also known as Choice-Based Art, is a learner-centered method of teaching art that actually provides students with the opportunity to work as “real” artists. Students are given a more authentic art experience, where they are responsible for envisioning, designing and creating their own projects; projects that express what is meaningful and important to them.

     The art room will be set up with a variety of studio centers (such as drawing, painting, sculpture, fiber arts, etc….), in which students will find all of the tools, materials and resources that they will need to do the important work of an actual artist. Our studio centers will be introduced one at a time. Students will be taught the proper way to use and care for all of the materials found there. When they are ready, a new studio center will be opened.

      Each art class, will begin with a short group lesson, or demonstration, focused on materials, techniques, or art history, Students will then go to work in the studio centers creating the projects they have envisioned with their own brain power. Each class will conclude with a brief clean up session, followed by sharing, during which students will have the opportunity to reflect upon their own creations, and those of others. I look forward to spending the year working with all of our young APW artists, assisting and encouraging them on their paths to becoming creative thinkers, innovators and problem solvers. See you at the Art Show!
Art and Music Festival Coming Soon!
On Thursday, June 4th and Friday, June 5th, APW Elementary will be hosting an Art and Music Festival.  Families are invited to come and tour the school during the day, or in the evening during the Learning Fair, and see the amazing artwork of our talented kindergarten through 6th grade students. Also during the day on the 4th and 5th, parents are invited to come in at a scheduled time to join their kindergarten through third grade student(s) at their music class. 

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