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APW Wellness Policy

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 requires that each school district develop and implement a wellness policy.  The regulations went into effect July 1, 2014 and established new nutrition standards for all competitive foods available for sale on school campus during the school day.  Competitive foods include all food and beverages other than reimbursable meals under the National School Lunch Program or the Breakfast Program; e.g., snacks, a la carte, fundraisers, vending machines, and school stores. 

Given the documented connection between proper nutrition, adequate physical activity and educational success, the Board of Education has adopted a student "Wellness" policy to aid in the providing district students with a school environment that promotes health and wellness and reduces childhood obesity.

Parents, students, food service professionals, physical education teachers, school health professionals, school administrators,school board members and the general public are encouraged to serve on the Wellness Committee and/or participate in the periodic review and update of the District's
Wellness Policy #5661.   If you are interested in serving on the Pollicy Committee or the Wellness Committee, please contact the District Clerk at (315) 325-5251. 

An annual report on the progress each school has made toward meetings the goals of the Wellness Policy will be provided to the Board of Education and made available to the community upon request. 

Assessments of the District's wellness policy and implementation efforts will be repeated on a triennial basis and include: 1) Compliance with the wellness policy; 2) How the wellness policy compates to model wellness policies; and 3) Progress made in attaining the goals of the wellness policy.

The District will, as necessary, revise this wellness policy and develop work plans to facilitate its implementation.

Mr. Eric Knuth, Superintendent

639 County Route 22
P.O. Box 97
Parish, NY 13131