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Lead & Copper Water Testing

The APW School Districts domestic drinking water systems at the Junior/Senior High School and Elementary School are registered NYSDOH Public Water Systems and are regulated by NYS Department of Health. The NYSDOH issues a yearly mandated SDWIS/State Water Sample Schedule that describes what contaminant group, location and frequencies of sampling required for that year.  We sample regularly for Lead and Copper, Coliform, Nitrate, Primary Inorganic Chemicals, Disinfection Byproducts/Stage 2, Synthetic Organic Chemicals, Principal Organic Chemicals and a daily Chlorine residual. Samples are taken and administered by the Oswego County DOH and the Districts two NYSDOH Certified Water Operators (David Poore and John Emmi). All past water analyses, results, NYSDOH sample schedules and NYSDOH correspondences are archived in Mr. Poore's office and are easily accessible for review.

A.P.W. Sewage Treatment Plant System: This system also requires NYS DEC Certified Operators. The tests are different from those required by the NYSDOH drinking water standards. The Sewage Treatment Plant tests daily and quarterly for  PH, BOD-5, TSS, Ammonia, Temp and Flow.

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Download NYSDOH Guidelines 

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