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Naviance-Family Connection

Naviance Family Connection <- Click to log-in to your Naviance account 

Naviance’s web-based software is a service platform that provides students with a variety of features including: college research and matching tools, course planning, career assessment, personality tests, and surveys to help students connect what they are doing in school to what they would like to do once they complete their education. Naviance provides additional functionality to school counselors to track the progress of individual students, communicate and collaborate with students and families, or create reports on their entire student population. Additionally, Naviance’s integration with "The Common Application" facilitates the submission of college applications, as well as online submission of transcripts, school forms and recommendations through Naviance eDocs.

Matching Naviance with the College Common Application

An important part of the college application process is linking your Naviance with the College Common Application. By using the Common App there is no need to repeat your applicant details for every college on your list. Enter your information one time, and use it to apply to nearly 700 colleges across the world. This is not the application to use when applying to community colleges. Most community colleges have their applications available on their own websites, and most are free. The video posted below will show you step by step how to match your Naviance with the College Common App.

***If you recieve free or reduced lunch, please contact your Guidance Counselor because you qualify for a fee waiver to apply to four colleges. 

Requesting Transcripts

The very next step you should take after matching your Naviance with the College Common Application, is to request your transcripts through Naviance. This video posted below will take you step by step through the process of requesting a transcript on Naviance. 

Requesting Letters of Recommendation

The next step in utilizing Naviance to complete your college application is to request a letter of recommendation from one or more teachers. Many colleges are going to require at least one letter of recommendation. Be sure to speak to your teacher about writing your letter of recommendation prior to sending the request. This is important so that the teacher will not be surprised at the request, and will be looking for the request to come and will not miss it.

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