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93Q radio personality Jack Ryan visits APW High School

Altmar-Parish-Williamstown High School had a special guest visitor at the school recently. On-air personality Jack Ryan, from 93Q radio, talked to students at the school about his career path and choosing to follow his passion into the industry.
Originally, Ryan, whose real name is Jack Tebior, wanted to be an astronaut and enrolled at Alfred State College majoring in computer engineering. After a short while, he decided that it was not a good fit for him and switched his major to liberal arts. He found himself spending a great deal of time hanging out at the campus radio station but still didn’t consider radio as a career option. He graduated with a two-year degree from Alfred and later enrolled at SUNY Oswego majoring in broadcasting and mass communications.  
Eventually, he served as an intern at the local radio station, 93Q, where on his first day, he went around the office introducing himself to every person at the station and built a rapport and relationship with those in the office until he was able to do an “air check” or demo of what he would sound like on the radio. He earned a live spot on Sunday mornings from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and the rest, is history. Ryan now works full time with his own Monday to Friday slot from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. In addition, Ryan manages websites and social media accounts for 93Q and sister stations, 95X, 105.9 and 1260.
His message to students: “Do what you love or you won’t find joy in what you are doing.” He also encouraged students to go to college and get involved on the first day to maximize the college experience. “The experiences you get in college,” he said, “you can’t put a price tag on that.” He also said, “College can help you figure out who you are and gives you a chance to become the adult you dream about.”
He asked students gathered for his presentation what they wanted to do following graduation and encouraged them to think about what they are passionate about and seek a career path that allows them to follow that passion in life.
Jack Tebior, known as Jack Ryan on the local radio station 93Q, was a guest at APW High School where he shared his personal career journey with students.



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