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APW Schools ‘Don’t Duck Out On Safety’

With increased concern regarding climate and culture for students and staff of Altmar-Parish-Williamstown (APW) Central School District, their transportation and maintenance departments teamed up to create a campaign for safety that would deviate from the routine every-year messages. 
“In one of our brainstorming meetings someone said, ‘Don’t Duck Out on Safety,’ shared APW Assistant Transportation Supervisor Mary Gracey. “It stuck with us, and we decided to run with it.
Students and staff throughout the year will receive messages from “The Duck” regarding safety concerns and general information regarding safety. Both the maintenance and transportation department will continue to let “The Duck” speak out, as the same message every year from the same supervisor can defeat an upbeat atmosphere.
At the APW Elementary School’s open house, “The Duck” (a large wooden cutout) greeted students before they entered the school, and staff handed out free rubber ducks.
“It is a campaign that works for both departments to get valuable safety information out while increasing the upbeat climate within our district,” said Gracey.
Students smile with free rubber duckies
The transportation and maintenance departments gave out rubber ducks this year at the APW Elementary Open House, promoting their "Don't Duck Out On Safety" campaign that reinforces school and bus safety habits. Pictured from left, students Maurice Mitchell, Austin Shutts and Aubrey Shutts smile with their ducks.

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