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STEM-based project focuses on problem solving

In a project based learning activity, students in Stephanie Huebner’s fifth grade class worked with district technology specialist Chad Bigelow on a project that involved creativity, problem solving, ingenuity and lots of thought.
Using little other than scraps of common items, the students needed to devise a way to get paperclips from the floor to the ceiling. They were provided with a box of items such as straws, tape, baggies, a balloon, string and paper clips and left to problem solve their way to a solution. In the beginning, many tried to use the balloon taped to a straw to raise the paper clip to the ceiling, but found that not enough force was generated and balloons popped easily when tape was removed from their surface.
The students worked together in small groups to brainstorm their ideas and implement their process.
In the end, the first team to successfully complete the task used a pulley system rigged to a clip on the ceiling to pull their bag of paper clips to the ceiling, all while keeping both hands on the floor at all times.

Pictured in front seated left to right are: Ms. Stephanie Huebner and Brendan Larson. Kneeling in the middle row, left to right: Caleb Bouchard, Jayden Revette, Mason Williams, Gavin Walter, Harley Smith and Steven Webb. In back, standing, left to right are: Annaleah Wejko, Keegan Daniels, Remington Brockway, Leilani Hillabrandt, Samantha Holcomb, Dontay Auringer, Riley Halstead, Harley Becker, Mr. Chad Bigelow, MacKenzie LaValley, and Braeden Wheeler.

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