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APW Capital Project to address safety and security

On October 2, 2018 Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District residents will be voting on a NO ADDITIONAL TAX IMPACT $2 million capital project. The project that will be presented to voters for consideration has been developed starting with a state mandated Building Condition Survey (BCS) and five-year facilities plan. This data helped outline and pinpoint priority needs within the district. These needs were confirmed and added to at a public meeting in April in which community members requested security improvements for the district. This project is the district’s response to that meeting and the need for increased school security in the district.
Proposed improvements in the district include, renovating/adding secure entrances, door and window hardening, exterior enhancements, and other work related to increasing the security of the schools.
“Our school’s security does not stop with this project though,” said APW Superintendent Eric Knuth. “With a successful vote on these building components, we will then be able to use the new secure environment to more effectively implement improved safety procedures for our schools. We believe in taking a proactive approach to school security and this ideal will be reflected in this project and safety procedural improvements.”
This project is yet another stepping stone in the district’s proud history of providing the best programs and facilities for APW children. The district will pay for the capital project with existing funds. In addition, APW CSD will also receive State Aid. State Aid is money reimbursed to the district that will ultimately help keep APW CSD in good financial standing for the future. This project will also continue to be aidable over time. The approved project will have no additional tax impact on the community.
There will be several Town Board Meetings and a Public Hearing held in the coming weeks. These meetings will include a presentation of the details of the proposed project with a question and answer session to follow. District residents are encouraged to attend the presentations to learn more about this proposed capital project and what it can do for the students, parents and staff. It is believed that the proposed project will improve the safety of Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District and positively impact the community as a whole.
Please see below the list of Town Board and Community Meetings:
Williamstown Town Board Meeting
August 8th @ 6:30pm
William Britton Community Center,
2910 CR 17, Williamstown, NY 13493
Town of Albion Board Meeting
September 11th @ 6:30pm
Altmar Municipal Building,
15 Bridge Street, Albion, NY 13302
Parish Joint Town/Village Board Meeting
September 13th @ 7:00pm
2928 East Main Street, Parish, NY 13131
Public Hearing on Capital Project Vote
September 20th @ 6:00pm
Jr./Sr. High School Cafeteria,
639 County Route 22, Parish, NY 13131
The public is invited to attend any or all of the community meetings on the proposed Capital Project and updated information is available on the district website at

Mr. Eric Knuth, Superintendent

639 County Route 22
P.O. Box 97
Parish, NY 13131