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Physical Education Procedure


Student Procedures: Every Student is given this procedure and grading sheet to read and take home. The parent/guardian and the student should sign this sheet before returning to their physical education teacher.

By signing the sheet the student and parent/guardian are indicating they have read and understand the procedures and grading policies.

Any questions about the information contained within the student policy sheet should be addressed at this time. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Dye, Mr. Clarke, Mrs. Ross, and Ms. Clark at 625-5220 or e-mail at,,,

• You will be issued a physical education locker for the year. You cannot use any other locker, unless given permission by one of the Physical Education teachers. Before going to your next class you should check it and make sure it is locked.

• After the late bell rings, you will have 5 minutes to change into your physical education clothes and return to the gym. If you are not in the required area, you will be marked late, unless you have a pass. You will have 5 minutes, at the end of class, to change and prepare for your next for class.

• The required physical education requirement is a shirt, gym shorts (without metal), and athletic sneakers. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are also acceptable. If you have a problem getting the required apparel, see your teacher. If you forget your pe clothes, report to your teacher, before you enter the locker room. Clothing worn should not have inappropriate writing or pictures on them (refer to APW HS Student/Parent Handbook). Students must wear different clothes during physical education class than what is worn to school for that day. Students not changing for class should NOT enter the locker room, but should report directly to the gym!

• If a student does not change for class the following procedures will be followed:

  • 1st Offense = warning
  • 2nd Offense = 5 pts. Subtracted from grade
  • 3rd Offense = 5 pts. Subtracted from grade and a letter sent home
  • 4th Offense = Referral to main office – lunch/after school detention will be assigned
  • 5th Offense = Referral to main office – lunch/after school detention will be assigned
  • Further being unprepared for class could result in the student being removed from class

• There will be tests given during each marking period on units covered in class.

• No jewelry is to be worn during class-NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!! Again, a safety issue.

• If you are sick or injured, you must have a note from the nurse if you can not participate in physical education class. If you are "excused" you will remain in class. If the nurse issues you a "limited activity" pass, you are still required to dress and participate to the best of your ability. You will need a medical excuse from your doctor if you need to be out 2 days or more.

• NEVER chew gum during a physical education class, you could choke on it. Dispose of gum or candy BEFORE you enter the gym.

• All students are expected to enter and exit the locker room area by the doors leading to the gym.

• You must participate in physical education class in order to participate or play extra curriculum games that day (i.e. football, soccer).

• No aerosols sprays, cologne or perfumes, glass containers, or cameras will be allowed in the locker room.

• Do not grab the basketball rims or nets; do not climb on the bleachers when they are in the closed position.

• The only times a student should be in the locker room is during their physical education class or after school under a coach’s supervision. Students not changing for PE class have no need to enter the locker room.

• When the Fire Alarm sounds and you are in the locker room changing clothes, put on a top and bottom, carry your footwear, and proceed to the designated area.

• Two units of Physical Education are mandated by the New York State Department of Education for a student to graduate. The credits are awarded as ½ units per completion of the required time per class taken.

• All students are issued a locker and have been instructed to secure their belongings in their own locker. They should not be sharing with someone else. They are responsible for their lock that has been issued to them, and they are responsible to Lock their belongings, before, during, and after class.

• Attendance: Students are expected to be in class. If a student is absent from class for ANY reason (excused or unexcused), they are expected to make up that class. All students have 10 school days from the date of absence to do so, or they may receive a zero for that class.



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